Xmind 8 v3.7.8 Mac Free Download

XMind mac free download is a powerful mac tool that allow users to develop ideas, and brainstorming ideas. It gives you the ability to express your ideas in a very fun way. Equipped with some great tool that will help you manage ideas, and then convert words into mind maps. Many companies used xmind mac serial key and they say that it’s easy and fun o use, the app is standalone which means that you can run it directly on our mac without installing it.

Furthermore after you’ve drawn and map you ideas inside the app it allows you to export your files into very different file formats such as an image or also as a map file for later use. It is always compatible with other mind map apps such as the Evernote app and also Google Keep.

From it’s best feature that we going to talk about is the simplicity and the flexibility of the app, because you can go through your mind map drawing using just your keyboard in case you don’t have a mouse. The app has so many objects to choose from like : topics, childs, tables ,fishbone, process flow, and also documents.

A great addition to xmind 8 for mac is the ability to create your own shortcuts to speed up your using of the tools.

You can also create Presentations.

Xmind 8 v3.7.8 Features :

  • A great UI cooler space work which make your comfortable and also productive.
  • So many objects to add to your mind maps like the Org chart, Tree-chart, Logic-chart, and so on and so forth.
  • Create charts and business plans for your company and also your startup.
  • A new brainstorming mode that gives you the possibility to organize and connect your thoughts.
  • A Full screen mode to display your presentation in case you are in a meeting or a webinar.
  • Presentations are pretty similar to Microsoft office Powerpoint and it’s based on slides.
  • Manage tasks, and project management, and also add starting date and ending dates of your upcoming projects using the Gantt View displays.
  • It takes no time to learn the keyboard shortcuts.
  • The ability to navigate mind-mapping application.
  • Create a variety of vertical and horizontal trees, fishbone diagrams, and other diagram formats.
  • Create breakdown structures, org charts, and simple project diagrams.
  • Full compatibility with your MS Project apps like Ms Word, and also PowerPoint.
  • Handles large mind-maps with no limits.

How to install Xmind 8 mac crack :

  1. Use “4macsoft.com” as a password to extract the rar file
  2. now run the dmg file to install the software.
  3. Drag and drop the software logo into the Application logo to begin the installation process.
  4. Extract the keygen
  5. Run the keymaker to generate a serial key
  6. Block the ongoing traffic, and block the software via fierwall
  7. That’s it, enjoy

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