Wavesfactory Cassette 1.0.0 + Serial Key Free Download

Cassette free download is a great audio app for mac users that allows users to emulate sounds of cassette tapes. Early in the nineties until 2000, Vintage cassette and decks was the only device that you can use to store music or an audio track. Biggest musicians and bigger industries used cassettestapes to record albums and tracks and distribute them, until CD/DVD/USB disk came along in his last 20 years.

Vintage cassettes tapes was a really awesome experience and it has a cool sound, well if you like to live that hype again, Wavesfactory Cassette serial key offers you that opportunity today, all what you have to do is to download Cassette mac crack and enjoy yourself.

Basically the plugin is built on an advanced algorithm and it uses a bug number sounds signals that have been recorded into tapes in order to get a sound result similar to cassettes.

Wavesfactory Cassette 1.0.0 + Serial Key Features :

  • Fully controllable user interface that gives you control over your music.
  • Slow and limited Tape Speed.
  • A very limited frequency response to simulate cassette tapes.
  • Noise available very similar to vintage cassettes.
  • Create tapes, compose and also produce very easily.
  • Four cassettes model are included in the plugin, each model has it’s own sonic characteristics.
  • The ability to change frequency response by changing tapes.
  • A fixed frequency 192KHz for sampling rate.
  • Cassette offers under the hood control of many aspects of tape emulation they include;
  • Fast learning curve : learning how to use the plugin will not take much that one day, it’s all explained in a detailed video tutorial.
  • The ability to Set your own parameters to control every detail.
  • Customize the graphic user interface as you please.
  • Available for Mac and also Widows

How to install :

password = 4macsoft.com

  1. Unzip the zip file using password above
  2. Install the software by double clicking the dmg file.
  3. Drag and drop software logo into app folder.
  4. Now Replace with patched VST, VST3 &  also Component
  5. Load DAW, open plugin
  6. Input name and serial included in this release exactly as written 5435-****-4071-****-7729 (rest of the serial in the download file)
  7. Enjoy

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