TurboCollage 7.0.8

turbocollage crack Gives you the ability to arrange pictures in a grid, create a random picture pile and setup a group of pictures. Drag and drop your pictures into the software, apply your favorite collage from the dropdown collage style, apply your desired aspect ratio, Select the orientation of the collage, and finnaly add your background color and click finish to setup your images collage.
TurboCollage allow you to use transparent background, add effects such us shadows or particles to your picture collage.

In addition to all of these great features you can add text, zoom on your pictures, place random text or dates. All of these great features makes turbocollage mac let you do one thing, it’s the control over your collage design and setup, using an elegant and easy user interface.

turbocollage activation code Features :

• Big library of styles available to add to your collage, such us the regular stack, battery circle, grid image etc.
• Unlimited number of pictures in one collage, there is no limit in photos
• The ability to add text, place it, add font, color text using an advanced text editor
• Most used aspect ratio, no need to worry when it comes to making your collage responsive.
• Share your collages directely to twitter, Facebook, Instagram.
• Customize the background as you please, make it transparant if you like.
• Make your grid more eye catching by making the horizontal rows equal the vertical ones.
• Enable the auto save button, to save your project and work on the, later.
• Vast list of extensions to work with: the software allo you to add JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, which means all image extensions.
• The ability to print or export to your favorite image extension.
• Modular software: users can add other packages via internet.
In general turbocollage key doesn’t require any design background in design, just test it and let us know, it will save you a lot of work.

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