TotalFinder 1.13.10 + Serial For Mac OS X Full Download

TotalFinder 1.13.10 Serial Key For Mac is a must have mac app. It have some amazing features to your default Finder on Mac. If you moved recently from Windows to Mac OS Operating system, then TotalFinder is the best solution for you. Once you install the app your default mac file finder will be replaced with this new TotalFinder 1.13.10 keygen app. The app makes it easy for you because he arrange files in groups by types, there is music files, image files, document files etc. The copying and pasting is pretty easy right now, it’s more fast and accurate.

Features :

  • Colored labels Brings full colors back into El Capitan.
  • Chrome tabs Apple finally introduced tabs in Mavericks. Total Finder added Chrome tabs in Snow Leopard.
  • Dual mode Display two Finder windows side-by-side on hot-key.
  • Visor window The Finder is always one key-press away!
  • Cut & Paste Use keyboard shortcuts to move files around. Faster than drag & drop.
  • Folders on top Folders should always go first in list view. You can also easily toggle display of hidden files.
  • A really professional workspace, with a tab-based layouts
  • Well organized search process, it organizes files by types to make it easy for you to find your lost files.
  • The software eliminate unused files and it frees up the space once it stop using the Ram
  • Multi Color Lables to make you friendly with the app
  • New Chrome extension in Leopard OS X
  • The ability to divide the screen into 2 section side by side to make the search process more specific
  • Use Cmd+C & CMD + V to copy and paste files, in addition you can drag and drop files easily.

Screenshots :

TotalFinder 1.10.3 free download app

TotalFinder 1.10.3 serial key mac

TotalFinder 1.10.3 Crack mac

What’s New :

  • No more crash when you are trying to reopen the app after disabling and also enabling Tabs feature.
  • A New toolbar background window when  you drag and drop files.
  • And more features and tools to discover.

System Requirement :

Name :Total Finder 1.13.10 Serial Key mac
Language :Multi language
Mac Platform :Intel
OS Version :Mac OS X 10.11 or up.
CPU Type:64 bit processor
Size : 5 MB

Download TotalFinder Setup Here

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