MacPilot 11.0.6 Mac Free Download

MacPilot mac free download is a great mac Tweak app that can help you access over 1200 mac features and change their settings upon your desire. We all know that if you to hide files, change docker style, or even change a filename extension that we have to use the built-in mac os features such as the Finder or the docker tool, but what if we have all those built-in features and some other extra features in one huge app and control those features as we like, well MacPilot mac free download is the one that can help you do that.

Using MacPilot mac free download means that you have untapped power in your hands, you can unlock any mac features you like, in addition the app is realy simple and easy to use, and it doesn’t need any programming or command typing stuff.

MacPilot 11.0.6 Mac Cracked Features :

  • The ability to display hidden files without going to finder and changing settings.
  • Users can disable and enable startup apps they like.
  • Change file name extensions without any root access.
  • Maintain your mac system and keep it healthy by ruining maintenance tools.
  • The ability to tweak network settings.
  • It helps cleaning the trash.
  • Set your login window photo.
  • Change and modify advanced features without root permissions.
  • All in one Tool that will save you time and keep you in control over your system.
  • Full control over the welcoming message of Mac OSX
  • enable simultaneous recordings in QuickTime
  • Keep your system safe with the system logs checking.

MacPilot 11.0.6 mac free download

Once you open MacPilot mac cracked you will notice that the app combines everything you’ve ever needed in your Mac! So don’t wait test the app and have full control over your mac.

How to install :

password =

  1. Unzip the file using password above
  2. Turn off your internet connection.
  3. Open ChronoSync.dmg to install.
  4. Drag and drop software logo into App folder.
  5. Use Hands Off or Little Snitch.
  6. Enjoy macpilot download

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