iTrash 4.3.2 Multilingual + Serial Key

itrash mac os is known among Mac users as the best mac uninstaller in 2019. Basically when you delete an app from your system, this app will leave some files and root empty folders, itrash dmg will do it’s magic and it will clean your mac from those files and those empty folders. Moreover the app is built upon a strong algorithm that will turn your mac app upside down to find all related files and deletes them when asked.

descargar itrash mac full doesn’t do it’s job alone, you can always customize it, apply your desired settings like what type of files you would like to keep and what to remove. It’s somehow different than any other software uninstaller, in fact it’s by far the best.

This last version works in all OSX versions without no exception even Catalina. In comparison to other mac apps such as AppCleaner or CCleaner, itrash 4 mac os do a pretty good job finding more files even the hidden ones.

iTrash 4.3.2 Multilingual Serial Key Features :

  • Drag and drop the app you want to delete, and itrash mac app do it’s job.
  • The software provides two modes of uninstalling an app (Ghost Mode + Expert Mode).
  • Ghost Mode is where you can change the app background, drag and drop apps etc.
  • The Expert Mode which is the second step in uninstalling an app is where itrash uses a sophisticated algorithm  to find all related files and folders.
  • The ability to find lost files, per example let’s say that you deleted an app months ago and you wonder why it doesn’t work anymore.
  • A clean and detailed Application Lister where you can see all your installed apps.
  • A History log that registers every task you did.
  • The ability to lock and prevent default apps, custom apps and your favorite applications from being uninstalled.
  • Delete app files goes to your trash in case you want to restore them later.

In general itrash dmg made it simple for users you just drag and drop the app you want to remove, and it will delete it for you without taking care of details.

Beside of all this, the app lack of documentation, let’s say you want to know how to use itrash ?? a fair question right, well there is only one way : YouTube.

How to install :

  1. Unzip the downloaded file below using “” as a password.
  2. Now double click on the dmg file.
  3. Drag and drop icon software into the application folder.
  4. Once installation is done, close the software and turn off your connection.
  5. Use the serial BYAT-MTSU-IVAL-****-**** (rest of the serial is in the download folder)
  6. Block outgoing connections with firewall using Hands off or little snitch.
  7. Enjoy the full software.

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