Affinity Photo 1.5.2 Full Crack Mac OS X

Affinity Photo 1.5.2 Full Crack Mac OS X latest version is now available with direct download at 4MACSOFT. Affinity Photo 1.5 Free Download redefines the boundaries for professional photo editing software on the Mac. With a meticulous focus on workflow it offers sophisticated tools for enhancing, editing and retouching also your images in an incredibly intuitive interface with all the power and performance you need. You can also download Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 18.

Download Affinity Photo 1.5.2 for mac one of the most comprehensive photo editing apps you can get on the Mac. It has professional-quality tools, like advanced color manipulation and 32-bit channel editing. It also has dozens of useful features, like multiple editable layers, vector graphics tools, advanced image processing, and retouching and correction masking tools. View the Histogram, manually make color and lighting adjustments, or select from the suggested default options. There are so many tools it would take you months to actually try them all out.

Furthermore, Affinity Photo editor software for mac also comes with paint, clone stamp, annotation, cropping, and selection tools also. It’s not entirely unlike Photoshop, but it is specially designed for Mac and has a better user interface. Affinity Photo 1.5 crack is compatible with all major camera file formats, the Develop persona offers a dedicated processing workspace offering incredibly accurate editing in an unbounded linear colour space.

Features of Affinity Photo 1.5 Full Crack Mac OS X:

  • Added support for the new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar
  • Focus Merge enables you to generate a detailed composite image from a number of images focused at differing lengths
  • HDR Merge lets you create a deep, unbounded 32-bit image from a number of exposure bracketed source images
  • Tone Mapping Persona for both HDR and LDR images
  • Macros enable you to record actions, save them, then play them back later. You can also store them in a handy gallery
  • Batch Processing for queueing up and also processing large number of files
  • Live Projections allows you to edit an image in different spatial domains including “Equirectangular” (360 pano) and also perspective
  • Improved RAW develop persona
  • Also text Styles
  • Halftone Filter supporting monochrome, color, circular and line halftones
  • Equations Distortion filter allows users to create custom spatial filters
  • Dust and Scratches Filter also
  • “Edit in Affinity Photo” Photos extension
  • New Color Picker Tool
  • New Clone Sources panel for the Clone / Healing brush – it even works across multiple documents
  • Multi-Monitor Color Profile Support

What′s New in Affinity Photo 1.5.2 For Mac:

  • RAW engine now includes profiles for thousands of lens & camera body combinations for automatic lens correction.
  • 32-bit unbounded images can be composited and edited along with full Radiance HDR and OpenEXR file support.
  • Improvements to both PDF and PSD import and export.
  • Record any number of operations, save them and play them back later.
  • Pan and zoom around 360° images, using the full suite of tools in Affinity Photo to edit them live.
  • Incredibly powerful addition, this allows you to create custom spatial filters with unlimited flexibility.
  • Various requested improvements to this tool including shift constrain and configurable cmd-drag behaviour.
  • Huge upgrades to export persona offers unlimited flexibility for exporting multiple formats and resolutions for each slice.
  • Store an unlimited number of global sources for the clone brush, even working across multiple documents.
  • Full text style support now added to link the styles of text objects together.
  • 3 modes for the freehand selection tool – freehand, polygonal and magnetic.
  • Overhauled RAW engine for improved results out the box, along with over 70 new RAW camera formats supported.
  • Process whole folders of images in the background while you continue your work.
  • Work on perspective distorted areas of your image as if you were looking at it straight on.
  • Merge multiple exposure brackets together into a single unbounded 32-bit image.
  • Support for the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar, including shortcut keys and tool attribute sliders.
  • Greatly improved support for plugins meaning the majority of third party plugins now work correctly.
  • Full round-trip from Photos to Affinity Photo and back again with this new extension (Mac OS 10.9+).
  • Stack and merge multiple images together with different focal distances for a large depth of field.
  • New filter to quickly remove small defects from areas of images.
  • Massive improvements to snapping and also auto-alignment

System requirements of Affinity Photo Editor for Mac:

  • Hardware : Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini
  • Processor : Intel 64-bit Core 2 Duo or better (from 2007)
  • Memory : 2GB RAM minimum
  • OS X : Mac OS X 10.7.5, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, and also 10.11
  • macOS : 10.12 Sierra
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