Adguard for Mac 2.2.0 (643) + Crack Free Download

Adguard Mac free download is a great mac app that block ads and makes your surfing of the internet more safe and easy. As we all know Ads are everywhere, blogs, videos, and also texts. But ads are annoying sometimes, and that is why adguard download is built to make your internet surf experience safer and more friendly. Mac apps are built to keep your data and your surfing on the internet safe, but in this last years ads and technology has been developed so much.

Similar to Adblock extension in Windows, adguard 2 mac crackis a complete set of security for your mac, it is compatible with all browser such as Chrome, Firefox and also Safari. Enjoy searching in the internet, watching YouTube videos,  and also playing online games without any distraction.

Adguard for Mac 2.2.0 Serial Key Features :

Basically the app has a very special way to block ads, it all starts by analyzing the traffic, the second step of the process is filtering, and finllay you get the final product which is like a video, web page or a video game page.

With so many features and tools such as :

  • It checks all your web pages searching for defects such as Trojans or malware based on a strong database filled with previous scans.
  • The spyware tool will keep your mac safe from any spy server, it checks all your machine for spy files and it deletes them.
  • High full protection of your privacy such as photos, videos etc.
  • Browser extensions available and compatible with Safari, Chrome etc….
  • Easy to install, no special requirements.
  • Be protected from ads and watch videos online, play games online, and also surf online without any ad distraction.
  • Intuitive User interface with a built-in Assistant.
  • Daily ad filters and phishing databases updates.
  • adguard for mac is Built for OSX only.

How to install :

password =

  1. Unzip the zip file.
  2. Turn off your internet connection.
  3. Now install the dmg file.
  4. No need of a crack or serial key, it’s been cracked by us.
  5. Use hands Off to block on going traffic.
  6. Enjoy Adguard for Mac 2 Full version.

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