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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator mac free download is a great ragdoll physics based tactic game. The game was developed by Landfall Games studio and launched this year on April. The game is very similar to fortnite as it uses Royal battle system. The game has a very unique and different physics than other games, once you start playing you will notice that. totally accurate battle simulator mac download starts with a huge number of soldiers, and every player must place it’s units on the opposite side of the field. Once start button is clicked, two armies (red army / blue army) hurry to begin the attack. wile the player has full control over his camera to watch and control his army.

The game is a battle royal genre which means that the game ends when one of the armies got defeated. The game doesn’t end here, it has so much level and every level has a price limit. Players has troops, and they must control the amount of their troops.

Tabs free download 2019 contains four campaigns, each campaigns has a different map. In addition the game has a sandbox mode where players can enjoy playing without any price limits. Players can run, walk, and explore maps to find weapons and arsenal.

Totally accurate battle simulator mac Features :

  • Very fun royal battle game with so many levels and price limits.
  • Custom physics and a unique game play.
  • Available on windows and also Mac.
  • Players can possess units, gather weapons and choose game mode.
  • When possessing a unit, players will gain their powers.
  • Players can also download custom battles onto the workshop.

Trailer :

Screenshots :

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Totally Accurate Battle Simulator mac

How to download tabs

password =

  1. Download and install a free trial of the game.
  2. Now close the game, and kill every process linked to it.
  3. Copy cracked content into installation directory and replace all files.
  4. Enjoy totally accurate battle simulator download

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