1Password 7.8 Free Download

1Password free download is an award wining software built to help mac and windows users manage all their passwords in one place. Used by big companies and so many users around the world due to it’s stability and also security. if you are that kind of a person who have so many account in different websites or apps, and you would like to have a new password for every account but you are worried where to store this passwords, well Download 1Password 7.8 free is the solution.

Build on a strong algorithm with also an advanced protection against and hackers because of the long encryption has code. Furthermore the software is not used just to store passwords, but you can also generate new strong passwords, in addition it has a great firewall built against DDos attacks and any cyber attacks.

Available on all platforms (windows, mac, linux, android and also iOS) to store usernames, passwords, credential information, notes, bank account info and much more. This version came with new great features and improvement such as the dark theme, and also the ability to manage password vaults.

Download 1Password 7.8 free Features :

  • Manage passwords for all your applications in a secure way.
  • Generate high encrypted passwords.
  • Nice and user friendly user interface, dynamic and the colors theme makes you comfortable.
  • The ability to synchronize your device with others.
  • Very compatible with Google Chrome, FireFox and all other browsers with a dedicated browser extension.
  • The ability to add your team members to your 1password 7 mac license dashboard so they can manage passwords with you.
  • You can store documents, usernames, text and so much more.
  • A new password font, for better visualization.
  • It automatically detect websites that have your login details and it autocomplete the columns without your interfere.
  • Full compatibility and integration for web pages, and mobile.
  • Automatic sync with so many different clouds or servers.
  • Can store Unlimited number of passwords, documents, usernames, text and much more.
  • Available for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and also iOS.

How to install :

password = 4macsoft.com

  1. Unzip the zip file first of all
  2. Now double click to open the dmg file.
  3. Drag and drop software logo into the app folder.
  4. No need of or activation , already by us.
  5. If the launch is failed, all you have to do is the restart your mac
  6. Enjoy free password manager.

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